Discovery Partnership Trips - Costa Rica

Discovery Partnership Trips

Spend 4 days and 3 nights discovering the power of relationship in Costa Rica with Beyond The Known International.

Trip Information

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As Beyond The Known International is "Investing In Relationships That Change The World" and we want you to discovery this reality in Costa Rica as our partner and guest.

We exists to develop and support relational training solutions that empower community leaders to:

1. Eradicate Local Poverty

2. Expand Childhood Education

3. Stimulate Economic Development and Job Growth

You will experience first hand the foundations for the future as we 

ENGAGE people where they are   (1 Peter 4:8-10)

EQUIP people with what they need   (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

EMPOWER people to lead change   (Matthew 9:37-38)

All through Intentional Relationships and Demonstrated Love 

You will have the opportunity to witness the realities of poverty and the hope provided through our feeding partnerships serve and interact with children and families.

Community Empowerment Center Feeding Center

2018 (INEC) -  21% of Costa Ricans Live in Poverty

7% Live in Extreme Poverty 

$1.90 or less a Day (World Bank)

You will have the opportunity to view first hand the impact and investment being made within Educational and Economic Development partnerships.  You will visit a local High School and see speciality programs including Dairy Science, Hospitality, Tourism and Fine Arts and visit with the teachers and leaders investing in these students.  You will visit local business partners who are investing in partnerships to support local education and economic development.  Investment that is positioned to impact the Next Generation and Change The World.