Eradicating Local Poverty - Feeding Centers

Our desire to eradicate local poverty presses into the heart and the vision of empowering community leaders. Developing trusted relationships with local leaders from schools, churches and community organizations allows for the effective execution of community feeding programs. The collaboration of local leaders to identify the greatest point of need and then apply the appropriate level of resource allows for an effective strategy in the battle to eradicate local poverty.

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Eradicating Local Poverty - Community Food Banks

Seeking to eradicate local poverty and engage some of the most basic needs of families in the communities we serve, our Community Food Banks strive to bridge the gaps that occur with food insecurity. Our food programs are designed to be a hand up and not just a hand out for the families we serve. Creating an environment where value is placed on compassion and respect and an understanding of the importance of a servants heart are a focus of our investment. These environments are perfect for community leaders to invest their time and resource to serve those who are their neighbors and also encourages those who receive help to give back by investing their time back into the community. This collaboration of local leaders help identify those in need and then apply an appropriate level of resource and love to allow for direct impact in the battle to eradicate local poverty.

Expanding Education - Language Centers (ESL)

The importance of a solid educational foundation for future generations is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and improving the economic realities of families and communities. Communications and languages play a vital role in education and access to a growing global marketplace. The growing benefit of English as a Second Language (ESL) has never been more evident than it is today. ESL provides a vital advantage in todays modern global economy. ESL expands employment opportunities for workers in the business and technology sectors in the Central American country of Costa Rica. The continued growth in the tourism industry creates a necessity for job seekers to not only complete their education but have the additional skill set ESL can provide. Access to expanded educational opportunities is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and the communication and language skills ESL provides is becoming foundational.

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Economic Development - Leadership Training - Business Planning and Coaching

Having healthy business and industry is a key to creating a growing economic culture. Healthy economies play a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence. At the heart of every growing economy are people. Products and processes change over time and innovation creates marginal growth that can be measured, but people are always the key healthy businesses and growing economies. Healthy people become dynamic leaders who create innovative businesses that form growing economies.